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Current Sports - Milestones/Ragin' Cajuns Firsts

During the Spring 2020, the Athletic Network posted a link in the History of UL Athletics entitled, “Milestones/Ragin’ Cajuns Firsts.” It included all sports which had been sponsored by the Athletics Department at the university at some time. Later, it was determined that this research undertaking would take longer than previously anticipated in view of the spread of the Corona-19 Virus and the closing of offices on the campus. It was incumbent for the Athletic Network to use resources available and continue moving forward.

The sports were divided into two groups. It was determined that the Athletic Network would initially focus on five sports which are no longer sponsored by Athletics. This link is entitled, “Former Sports – Milestones and Ragin’ Cajuns Firsts” and is the first link in the History of UL Athletics. This link was posted in the Spring 2020.

It includes Bowling, Boxing, Gymnastics/Tumbling, Weightlifting, and Wrestling.
Attempts were made to communicate with many of the pioneers of those sports and those were posted in each sport. In this link, viewers may click on any of the five sports listed to view profiles, photos, and writings of former athletes and others.

Please know that each of these histories are “works in progress” and the Athletic Network endeavors to continue posting information as it is received.

In early August, 2020 the framework for Current Sports – Milestones/Ragin’ Cajuns Firsts was posted. However, in view of the size and complexity of this undertaking, only Football is posted at this time.

Why milestones and Ragin’ Cajuns first at this time? This can be summed up in two words: Tommie Rogers.

Since 2002, the Athletic Network has taken photos of tailgating at most home football games. Shortly after taking the photos, these albums were posted in the photo gallery. In addition to taking photos of tailgating and those activities surrounding home football games, the Athletic Network thought this activity would be an excellent source of feedback for the Athletic Network while visiting with many former athletes and  Cajun fans in an unstructured setting.  

While visiting the Past Ballplayers Association (PBA - mostly former football players) tailgating area on Nov. 23, 2019, to take photos for a story Bruce Brown, Reporter for the Athletic Network Spotlight Feature on Former Athletes, was writing, I had an opportunity to visit with several of the football players who played in the first football game at Cajun Field.

The unplanned discussion took many routes and I left there with a strong impression that these former players had a lot of information which needed to be documented.

I want to personally thank Tommie Rogers and Jimmy Poche and the players in the photos taken that day for their inspiration to consider such an undertaking. They provided factual information that is significant still today. Some of them were my former students in Health and Physical Education and that made it especially rewarding.

Please click here for the Photo Gallery of the PBA tailgating on Nov. 23, 2019.
At this time, only the Football link for current sports is active. Hopefully, the earlier posting of the five sports and the Football posting will server as reminders of the need for viewers to email their information to
athleticnetwork@louisiana.edu   Thank you.

* * * * * * *

Do you have information on a "Milestone/Ragin' Cajuns First" Athletic Contest or special event to share with the Athletic Network?

If so, please email your "Milestone/Ragin' Cajuns Firsts" to Dr. Ed Dugas athleticnetwork@louisiana.edu - include your name, email address, and source.  Sources may be media guides, game day programs, L'Acadien, Vermilion, newspaper articles, and/or other media sources or publications, etc. Photos are encouraged. You witnessing an event is considered a primary source. 

The Athletic Network is attempting to provide broad overviews of each of our current and former sports. For more complete information and photos, please click the photo gallery on the left side of the home page at http://www.athleticnetwork.net/ and also visit the Archive News page. Click any article in the News Box, then Archive News in the upper left of that page. Click the month/year of the article you seek and that month of headlines will appear. Click on the headline for the full story. Thank you.

Consider any current/former athletic team events/contests as suitable topics for this unique historical perspective.


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