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Dr. Ed Dugas’ student enrollments at UL from 1967-2001

The class enrollments information included below were obtained from cards which students completed during the course orientation, usually during the first two days of class. Cards for some of the years are missing, along with the information on advisees and student teachers. These were probably misplaced during moves from Bourgeois Hall to the Alumni Center Board Room in 2001 and from the Board Room to the Farm House and Home Office in 2003. Hopefully they will be located and posted. Each grouping is divided into specific years and each year is further identified by Spring, Summer, or Fall. Please email Dr. Ed Dugas with any corrections, additions, etc. Thank You.  athleticnetwork@Louisiana.edu  Special appreciation is expressed to grandson Christian Labit who helped organize 30+ years of cards and prepared each of the listings.

Student Enrollments 1967-69 

Student Enrollments 1970-74

Student Enrollments 1975-79

Student Enrollments 1980-84

Student Enrollments 1985-89

Student Enrollments 1990-94

Student Enrollments 1995-99

Student Enrollments 2000-01

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