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Spotlight on Former Athlete: SLII Athletic Pioneers II

Spotlight on Former Athlete: SLII Athletic Pioneers II

The Spotlight on Former Athlete last month focused primarily on the first football game vs. Opelousas High School in Opelousas on December 21, 1901 and the Field Day on May 2, 1902. 

Viewers were encouraged to visit the Beginning Traditions (Series), a group of stories entitled "The Daily Advertiser's History of Acadiana by Jim Bradshaw: Beginning Traditions", published May 28, 1998. These nine groups of stories are listed as follows in the Beginning Traditions (Series) page of the History of UL Athletics, as follows: 

Click here to view the above titles and click on the headlines to view the full story: http://athleticnetwork.net/site59.php

In addition to the Field Day held each Spring, the university also sponsored a Track Team.  Click here for a picture of the 1901 Track Team: http://athleticnetwork.net/site115.php#

The 1904 SLII Women's Basketball Team of 1904 is pictured below.

Before Title IX brought about increased opportunities for females in athletic competition, the SLII Tennis Club was one of the groups which was sex-integrated. Click here for the picture of the 1913 Tennis Club, including officers and membership: http://athleticnetwork.net/site1066.php

Prior to the beginning of Softball in the early 1980s, the university sponsored a Girl's Indoor Baseball Team in 1914. Click here for a picture of the team, along with a team roster: http://athleticnetwork.net/site1072.php#

Anyone with information, materials, pictures, memorabilia, etc., of the university's pioneer period in athletics is requested to contact Ed Dugas at athleticnetwork@louisiana.edu   Thank you.

The Photo Gallery Link located on the left side of the home page at http://www.athleticnetwork.net contains over 8,000 pictures of former and current athletes and support groups.  Just click on photo gallery and when the menu appears, click on the sport or support group you wish to view. The years of pictures posted for that team or group will appear and you may click on the year you wish to view. One click on a thumbnail picture or narrative and it is enlarged; a click on the enlarged photo and it reverts back to the thumbnail.

The Athletic Network seeks to post pictures of each team and support group for each year they represented the university.


The stories of the 2008 honorees are still included in the News Page and may be viewed by clicking on "more news" at the bottom right of the News Box, scrolling down, clicking on the title of the story. Those spotlight features which are no longer shown in the News Page, have been moved to the Lagniappe Link of the "History of UL Athletics" located on the left side of the home page.


The Spotlight on Former Athletes announcement has also been placed in the profile of each honoree, excluding the pictures.


The 2009 honorees in the Athletic Network "Spotlight on Former Athletes" include:

January - Tim Thompson  Men's Basketball 1957-61.

February - Gene Bacque  Baseball 1956 & 57.

March - Dr. Louis "Lou" Bowers Track & Field 1955, Tennis 1956-58, Wrestling Coach 1964-66.

April - Dr. Carter Lomax, Jr. Tennis 1974-76.

May - Johnny Morris, Jr. Football 1927-29,Men's Basketball 1927-30,Track & Field 1928-30, Golf 1927-28, Coaches 1947-49 .

June - S.L.I.I. Athletic Pioneers I
July - S.L.I.I. Athletic Pioneers II

Ed Dugas, Coordinator
Athletic Network