Assistant Coaches

1995-2004 Tony Robichaux 350-245
Anthony Babineaux, John Szefc, Wade Simoneaux and Joe Almarez

1988-1994 Mike Boulanger 291-141
Emrick Jagneaux, Joe Almarez, Ken Roebuck, Mitch Gaspard

1987 Gene Shell 9/19
Emrick Jagneaux 8-10
Emrick Jagneaux, prior to replacing Shell

1985-1986 Gene Shell 68-49
Emerick Jagneaux

1983-1984 Brad Kelley 68-39
Keith Snider

1981-1982 Mel Didier 73-48-1 Brad Kelley

1972-1980 Don Lockwood 207-197-2

1969-1971 Bobby Banna 59-47

1968 Eddie Mouton 12-23

1962-1967 Sonny Roy 88-86-1

1959-1961 Pete Wilson Record 23-36 in 1960 & 1961 Unknown in 1959

1958 Unknown Record Unknown

1957 Jerry Simon Record Unknown

1948-1956 Ray Didier 137-38

1945-1947 Cliff Johnson 12-18

1942-1944 John Cain Record 9-14
Unknown in 1943

1939-1941 Cliff Johnson 21-23-2

1928-1938 No Baseball Team sponsored by the university.

1922-1927 T. R. Mobley 33-35-2

1921 Unknown 2-4

1920 Unknown Record Unknown

1919 Unknown 4-4

1917-1912 Unknown Record Unknown

1912-1916 J. G. Lee 24-20

1911 Unknown Record Unknown

1909-1910 C. J. McNaspy 5-0 Three game scores unknown

1903-1908 Unknown Record Unknown

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